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With Chaos you can randomly distribute Points or Blocks using a sizeable 'Brush' in the drawing.

chaos demo

Chaos is an AutoCAD app, useful whenever you need to generate a large number of randomly and disorderly distributed entities, such as the representation of vegetation, the stone embossing, the stains on ancient walls.

this video show how it work:

Through the configuration command, CHAOCFG, it's possible to set the distribution modes of the elements by making CHAOS work as an 'Airbrush', typical tool of painting softwares.

chaoscfg dialog box

these are the CHAOS configuration parameters :

  • Number of items to be distributed within the brush area.
  • Real-time drawing mode, if active draws the elements while carry the brush.
  • Type of element to draw Point or Block.
  • Size of the brush (rectangular area around the cursor).
  • Randomize colors, if active, the elements will be drawn with the different colors listed in the 'Color List' list otherwise with the current color.

All parameter values can be stored in external files. In this way it is possible to reload them when needed.


chaos esmpio muro

on the bricks wall the random points give a particular effect to the 'spots'

caos verde

unlike a pattern, the effect generated by CHAOS command can be calibrated until the desired result is obtained. Use the + and - keys to scale the size of the brush.

caos esempio fontana

example of use in Real-Time mode, increasing the size of the brush with the + key while approaching the earth line.


Unzip and copy files in a folder. Then, from AutoCAD, start APPLOAD command and load CHAOS.VLX.

Type CHAOS to start the command and, eventually, CHAOSCFG to set up parameters.


A CHAOS license costs € 3.99. To buy use paypal

The software to be activated requires a 'key code' which will be provided via email as soon as the buyer communicates the 'machine code' that the software shows when loaded.


download Chaos 1.0 App for AutoCAD
(for Win7, Win8, Win10 32&64 bit platform) download programma

Activation code

After making the payment, send via emai the 'machine code' displayed during the program loading into dialog box.Send email to:

Within 24 hours you will receive the activation 'key code'.
The 'key code' binds the software to work exclusively on a single workstation.