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This program is made for those who develop applications in AutoLISP and VisualLISP language and wish to protect from unauthorized copies of its software.

With VisualLISP Copy Protection you can 'bind' your application to run only on the computer on which you have entered an authorization code (Key Code) which, of course, varies for each different workstation.

The ease of use of this application requires no special programming knowledge operator, it will be necessary:
1 - include in your application's source code a single line of code;
2 - when you create VLX file, add 1 file .FAS and 1 file .DCL both supplied with the VisualLISP Copy Protection.

VisualLISP Copy Protection is composed of 2 elements :

1st - the file VCP.FAS ( try it now for free! ) to be included in your application and displays the dialog box asking the ' Key Code ' .


2nd - the executable file GENCODE.EXE ( buy it ! ) to generate key codes that will be used to enable your applications.


How it works

See the DEMO to better understand how it works


Unzip the VCP_FAS_EN.ZIP file and extract the files into a folder.

VisualLisp Copy Protection is available for versions of AutoCAD 2002 and higher on Windows platform

User guide

Additional information is contained in the VisualLISP Copy Protection User Guide pdf


Buy VisualLISP Copy Protection: GenCODE.exe module

A VisuaLISP Copy Protection license costs 49 € (or 49 USD)

To purchase a copy of the program use PayPal paypal

After making the payment you will receive, within 24 hours via email, VisualLISP Copy Protection GenCODE module.


vcpDownload and Try now the VisualLISP Copy Protection:
VCP.FAS download programma